The newest arrival to our herd, Basquiat arrived on July 22 ready to check out the world around him. He really hit the ground running…and kicking…and jumping! This is one little guy with a lot of spunk! Basquiat’s fleece shimmers in the sun, reminiscent of the colors of an abalone shell. He has amazing luster already, and is locked to the skin with curls all around his face. He stands tall and proud just like his 3rd Generation Champion sire, Makeanu, and appears to share the gentle nature of both of his parents. I look forward to showing him next spring and adding to the ribbon count of his sire. Read more...

Name: Basquiat
Date of Birth: 7/22/2010
ARI#: Pending
Color: Beige
Status: Unproven
Dam: Petina of PVA
Sire: Makeanu of PVA 3rd Generation Champion
PRICE: $5,000

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The sweetest girl on the ranch! Always the first one looking for treats, she tilts her head as if to ask, "What did you bring for me today?" She has gorgeous reddish-brown fleece with a white stripe down the front of her neck. At her first shearing, her staple length was 12 inches! Danniella’s sire, Gambini, is dark rose gray which means there is a chance for her to produce gray offspring. Danniella gave birth to her first cria in November of 2009, a female named Camille Claudel, to whom she passed her shiny brown fleece and sweet disposition. Her next cria, sired by His Eminance, is expected in December 2010. His Eminance was a dark rose gray Suri, so we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their cria. Read more...

Name: Danniella
Type: Suri
Date of Birth: 7/18/2007
ARI#: 31033756
Color: Medium Brown
Status: Proven
Dam: Nevarra of PVA
Sire: Gambini of PVA
PRICE: $14,000

Currently Bred to Meadowgate Peruvian His Eminance; expected due date 12/06/2010.

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Just a weanling, but so much potential to be the next herdsire. Caravaggio is immediately recognizable with his long flowing locks and curious nature. He’s the first to welcome someone to his pasture, waiting for treats and a rub on the neck. He loves to run alongside you and play with the other weanling boys. He has excellent confirmation, just like his multiple award winning sire NGG Accoyo Apache II. His fleece is locked to the skin and glistens in the sun, even though usually he is covered in hay. Caravaggio will begin showing this fall, and I am anxious to see how he fares. I expect that he will follow right in his sire’s footsteps, so keep an eye on Caravaggio. Read more...

Name: Caravaggio
Type: Suri
Date of Birth: 11/7/2009
ARI#: Pending
Color: Fawn
Status: Unproven
Dam: Ameripaca's Yuletide
Sire: NGG Accoyo Apache II
PRICE: $7,000

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What a flashy girl! Petina has lovely penciled fleece, ranging from gold to nearly every shade of fawn, and then fading to beige on her topknot and belly. Always one to relish a scratch under the chin, Petina’s gentle disposition shines through. Petina has good confirmation and a strong build. She has excellent ancestry, with her grandfather Cantano of Peru being sold for $265,000 in 2003. She gave birth to her first cria, Makeanu’s Basquiat, in July 2010, and she was a rock star! The entire birth took about 20 minutes during which time she took snack breaks! She has proven to be an attentive mother and has had an easy time nursing. As all breeders know, a female who has an easy time birthing and nursing is quite valuable. Petina will be sold with a breeding to our herdsire, Makeanu of PVA, a 3rd Generation Champion. Read more...

Name: Petina of PVA
Type: Suri
Date of Birth: 12/4/2007
ARI#: 31167284
Color: Light Fawn
Status: Proven
Dam: Marinella of PVA
Sire: Pitino pf PVA
PRICE: $14,000

Current Breeding is Pending.

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Ameripaca's Yuletide was the first alpaca I ever bought, and she is worth her weight in gold! She breeds easily, births easily, and nurses easily…a dream female! Yuletide is currently pregnant with her 7th cria and is an excellent mother. She provides the support crias need, but encourages independence in them as well. She has been a wonderful start to my herd and continues to add quality crias each year. Always independent and relating to others on her terms, Yuletide is the feistiest one in the herd! She fully believes she should be handfed at all times and given special treats, looking at you in utter disbelief should you dare disagree. Yet there is something about this spirited girl that really captures your heart. Read more....

Name: Yuletide
Type: Suri
Date of Birth: 12/12/2001
ARI#: 831674
Color: Light Fawn
Status: Proven
Dam: Peruvian Yanina
Sire: Acero Marka's Perfecto

Current Breeding: Makeanu of PVU; due 12/6/2010.

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Now this is a girl with some pretty impressive genetics! Her dam, Azalea, is dam to Supreme Champion Kobe of PVA and Grand Champion Montoya of PVA. Her sire, Keanu, is an offspring of Mahogony Prince, as well as a champion in his own right. Azaria follows right in the footsteps of her ancestors, as a multiple award winner and Reserve Color Champion. Her excellent conformation and fleece production illustrates the quality of her genetics. For her first breeding, PVA chose to match her with the true black herdsire MacGyver’s Balboa, who in 2006/2007 won 16 AOBA Certified Halter Class Championships and 20 First Place Halter Class Blue Ribbons. The pairing of these two brought together generations of champion genetics resulting in Azaria’s first cria, Balboa’s Cezanne (female, dark brown), born in June 2010.

And what a beauty she was from day one! Azaria is currently bred to Prince Greystone for a June 2011 cria. We expect another magnificent cria…one with gray in the background! Read more...

Name: Azaria
Type: Suri
Date of Birth: 6/4/2007
ARI#: 30832084
Color: Medium Fawn
Status:  Proven
Dam: BBFAI Azalea
Sire: Keanu of PVA
PRICE: Call for details

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Camille is a mini-me of her dam, Danniella. Her medium brown fleece has a reddish tone to it which glistens in the sun. She has a little white snip on the back of her front foot, as well as near her mouth and nose. Camille’s sire, Cordova, is an Accoyo Jackpot son who has gorgeous locks from head to toe. Her dam had a 12 inch staple length at her first shearing. So Camille’s fleece should follow nicely in her parents’ example. Camille is at a fun age where she is comfortable with people and enjoys getting fed by hand. She particularly likes when you sit in the pasture with her. She is a gentle natured girl, like her dam, and tends to be the one in the crowd who hangs back a bit. It’s nice to watch her become more assertive as she grows. Read more...

Name: Camille
Type: Suri
Date of Birth: 11/6/2009
ARI#: Pending
Color: Medium Brown
Status: Unproven
Dam: Danniella of PVA
Sire: Coprdova of PVA
PRICE: $8,000

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Georgia was named for the artist Georgia O’Keefe because the color of her fleece reminded me of O’Keefe’s paintings of the landscapes of New Mexico where I was born. I bought Georgia when she was just over a month old, and it has been a pleasure watching her grow up. Since she was my first cria, we have kind of grown together in this business. She was my first one to halter train, my first one to take to a show…I learned a lot, and Georgia was very patient with me along the way. In the pastures, Georgia is a bit of a loner, but she loves to engage with people. She appreciates treats and will hum while you visit with her. She has a very sweet, laid back temperament and tends to do things in her own time, just like her sire.

Georgia received strong genetics from Gianni, as well as her ancestors Kobe of PVA, Mahogony Prince, and Azalea. Her dam, Yuletide, at the age of almost 9 still has a fiber fineness of 24! Georgia’s fleece is locked to the skin and very dense. Georgia has received the best of the physical characteristics of her ancestors along with their fiber fineness and density. And to top it off, she has the cutest little dark brown spot to the right of her mouth, just like Marilyn Monroe! Her first breeding was to Prince Greystone. We’re expecting an amazing June 2011 cria who will carry the possibility of gray. Read more...

Name: Georgia
Type: Suri
Date of Birth: 10/9/2008
ARI#: 31385336
Color: Medium Fawn/Beige
Status: Unproven
Dam: Ameripaca's Yuletide
Sire: Gianni of PVA
PRICE: $12,000


  1st Place in 2010 The Suri Network Spin-Off.

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One of our newest arrivals, Cezanne's was a much anticipated birth. Hailing from a Color Reserve. Champion dam, Azaria of PVA, and the 17-time Champion MacGyver’s Balboa, we expected great things of Cezanne…and she has not disappointed. Her dark brown fleece is locked to the skin, where her fleece becomes much darker and has an almost smoky look to it. Her head and ears have that same smoky appearance, while her fleece has that greasy feel we like to see in Suris. This girl has some serious genetics in her family tree: on her dam’s side, she boasts Keanu of PVA, Mahogony Prince, Supreme Champion Kobe of PVA, and Grand Champion Montoya of PVA while on her sire’s side, she can boast of not only her Champion true black sire, but none other than Peruvian MacGyver. Those are some impressive genes! Cezanne has a gentle nature, and can be a bit shy. She loves to run with the other crias, kicking up her heels with sheer pleasure. She was named for the artist, Paul Cezanne, who often had thick, black outlines in his still-life paintings. Read more...

Name: Cezanne
Type: Suri
Date of Birth: 6/8/2010
ARI#: Pending
Color: Dark Brown
Status: Unproven
Dam: Azaria of PVA
Sire: MacGyver's Balboa
PRICE: Call for details

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