Welcome to Our Four-Legged Sweater Farm...

It all started a few short years ago, when after teaching for many years I started yearning for a change. A friend suggested that I start a goat business. After reminding her that the wildest animal I had experience with was our family dog, she promised she would find just the right livestock for my future business. One day she called and said, "I have it…alpacas!" Thinking she had totally come off her rocker, I agreed to read the alpaca article she sent just to humor her. As I read though, something happened; I became interested in learning more. I soon found myself scouring websites and books for more information about these adorable creatures. But it wasn’t until I visited a local alpaca ranch that I knew this was the lifestyle for me. Seeing a lovely Suri running across the pasture, fleece swaying in the breeze, I truly fell in love. My husband’s love was not so quickly won, especially once he saw the prices! So, I did what every smart woman does, I waited until he went golfing, then bought my first female and her cria. That was the best purchase I ever made, as it started me on this new adventure of breeding and raising alpacas. I still teach school, and I have found that it is the life-long learner in me that has made this a successful venture. Learning about the breeding and care of alpacas, along with the business aspect, has been a lot to learn, and I am still learning every day. Instead of that being daunting, it is energizing and fulfilling. I have met wonderful people in this industry who have guided me along the way and on whom I rely for support and answers to my questions.

Today our herd consists of 10 high-quality Suri alpacas, with two more crias expected just before the end of the year. My mission for this business is simple; to breed high-quality, ARI registered colored alpacas that are healthy and well-trained. I treat my alpacas like members of the family, with great care and respect. I embrace the tenets of Camelidynamics and use Marty McGee Bennett’s method for training my alpacas. My alpacas are all called by name and enjoy interacting with people. The crias particularly like children! I invite you to learn about each of my four-legged children and to plan to visit us. But hold on to your heart, because my alpacas are quite good at stealing them.

Today our herd consists of beautiful, high-quality Suri alpacas that represent some of the finest bloodlines found in the United States.

Alison Marschewski, Owner


Please give us a call at (805) 216-6022 if you have any questions or contact us via mail at info@twotreesalpacas.com.